Counter techniques are always a combination of defense and attacking techniques. Either you prevent the success of your opponent’s technique by using a quicker technique, or you use a defense technique before you continuing with a swift counter. Your opponent will need to be hit effectively to stop the subsequent technique. Always try to counter after a defense; otherwise your opponent can continue to attack with new techniques. 

Generally speaking, counter techniques are more successful when they require fewer steps to implement. Some trainers teach techniques with many steps, and although the use of these techniques is theoretically possible, in a real fight they are very rare. A fighter won´t wait until you have finished your counter technique but will try to interrupt it as quickly as possible.

Counter techniques have to be practiced again and again to perfect the timing for competition. You will gradually be able to carry out the techniques faster, with more power, and with better timing until you succeed in using them instinctively in a fight. It does not make sense to train a large number of counter techniques for short periods; if you do not perfect the techniques in training you won´t be to deliver them in fight.

Professional athletes train their counter techniques in each session and improve their skills in this way. Once you find out who your next opponent will be, your trainer will start training you in counters specifically adapted to your opponent’s conduct in a fight.

The following videos presents some of the best counters from World and Thai Champions against fist, kicking, and pushing foot techniques. Use these techniques to become a versatile fighter that your opponent won´t be able to figure out. More techniques you can see in the udemy course „Muay Thai Training“ (2018).

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