Beginners in Muay Thai must initially learn the correct fight position. From this position the opponent's techniques are warded off, after which the opponent can be attacked with the athlete's own techniques. The fight position is also referred to as "free stance". This means that the athlete rhythmically shifts his weight to the front and rear leg from the position of the initial stance.

Having mastered the fight position, the steps will be trained. Movements to the front, the back and to the side are carried out, thereby constantly changing to different fight distances and not offering the opponent a fixed target. As long as the athlete is within the fight distance, he must always maintain his fight position.

Only after mastering the initial stance and steps, training of the attacking fist, elbow, kick and knee techniques will begin. These are first trained individually, before the athlete starts to use these in combination. Once the athlete has learned a large number of attacking techniques, he begins to practice a selection of defense and counter techniques (you will find these in the course “Muay Thai – Defense and Counter Techniques”). The repertoire of these techniques will be extended step by step, to enable the development of a good athlete.

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