Fight Stance

Fight Stance

All techniques originate from the fight stance.

- Take up your position with an upright stance, your feet parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart.

- Right-handed practitioners move the left foot forward and turn the right foot approximately 45 degrees to the side. This applies the other way round to left-handers. In the stance, you rest on the balls of your feet with the rear heel somewhat raised.

- Keep the body upright and turn it slightly forward and to the side. At the same time, bend your chin towards your chest.

- Keep your front fist up on the level of your eyebrows, and your rear fist above the chin. Your muscles are relaxed, especially in the shoulders.

- Target your opponent’s central body with your eyes. Don´t concentrate on only one point, but try to look at the whole body. That way you can see best which technique the opponent will use next. At close distances, watch the head to detect possible actions at the earliest possible moment.

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